PSD: Scrum Developer Exam Practice


    Scrum (dot) org offers Professional Scrum Developer (PSD I) certification. All candidates should pass PSD I exam to get certified. So, it is recommended that all Scrum Developers who work in a Scrum team would certify themselves.

    We know that exam questions are tricky and most people are not prepared enough for the exam. Indeed they aware of the trickiness of the questions right when they take part the real exam.
    So, we decided to prepare some practice assessments with the exact characteristics of the real exam. It means 80 questions, 60 minutes timeframe and real questions format (True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer) with a passing mark of 85%. In addition, we prepared an explanatory and extensive answer to each question. These answers are reliable learning source to improve your fundamental understanding and knowledge as a developer in a Scrum team. Furthermore, these auxiliary answers strongly improve your confidence because you learn related tips and tricks. You can visit our website for fresh blog posts: www.ScrumSchool(dot)team

    So, we invite you to prepare yourselves for the PSD I exam with our high-quality practice assessments.

    Note: We are not affiliated with Scrum(dot)org and do not claim that our contents are endorsed and confirmed by Scrum(dot)org, but we work hard in this context to prepare and evolve quality contents continuously.

    What you’ll learn

    • Simulated exams for PSD I™ exam (Professional Scrum Developer)

    Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

    • There are no course requirements and prerequisites

    Who this course is for:

    • Scrum development team members

    Contenido del Curso

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